Wednesday, May 20, 2009 reaction to overreaction.

i've been trying to conjure something editorial lately, i wanted to do a piece about swine flu but not have something so typical, like a drawing of a sick pig or whatever.


Tori Brenneison-Baughman said...

This is a really great illustration. Excellent composition and good postures. I love the color scheme you've got going on, especially.

Also, I noticed her purse is hanging on a hook at the bar. I've never been to a bar with purse-hooks. I think I am going to petition the neighborhood bar to install some, because that is a very, very good idea. :)

Serrafina Pekkala said...

Very nicely done. I've actually seen a photograph posted of a couple kissing through medical masks like that. Nice commentary, though. This shit's ridiculous.